Heavy Rain Original Soundtracks 2010 Download

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Heavy Rain Score 2010

Heavy Rain Score [2010] Genre Soundtrack | MP3 | 320kbps | Music by Normand Corbeil In studios such as Cryo Interactive, Adeline Software and Delphine Software, the French have managed to bring a distinctive approach to video games. They’ve often stumbled in the dark and have not always managed to create great games, but there’s no denying the unique vision and creative style they’ve brought throughout the years – with games such as Flashback, Little Big Adventure, and Heart of Darkness – while also demonstrating a particular penchant for the stagnant adventure genre.
Heavy Rain Score 2010
01 Ethan Mars’ Main Theme 02 Norman Jayden’s Main Theme 03 Before the Storm 04 Madison Paige’s Main Theme 05 Scott Shelby’s Main Theme 06 Lauren Winter’s Main Theme 07 Painful Memories 08 The Chase 09 Redemption 10 The Bulldozer 11 High Tension 12 The Fight 13 The Hold Up 14 Looking for Shaun 15 Countdown 16 Last Breath
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