God Of War III Media Kit Out Now !!

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God Of War III Media Kit

The MotorStorm: Pacific Rift press kit was our favorite until WE received the God of War III media kit. This stunning package amazed us even before opening the box and looking into it.

The whole box is fabricated from solid wood (yes, this is real wood!) with a unique hand-painted red stripe on the front; this red painting is different on every copy. Our wooden box is 25cm long, 20cm wide and 5cm high. After removing the lid you can see a thin brochure for explaining the game’s new features along with some great artworks and screenshots.

Under the brochure there is a containder divided into 3 parts. One holds the small-sized art cards with a God of War III logo on their back and artworks with a golden frame on the front. These cards have dimensions of 7.4cm x 11.9 cm. There is also a small metal coin in the box with Kratos’s face. In the other containers you can discover the dark game disc and light media disc. The last piece of the package is a small poster tied together with a bloddy textile.

God of War III Media Kit

God of War III Media Kit

God of War III Media Kit

God of War III Media Kit

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