God of War III Spartans Stand Tall explained Theory #1

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Regarding the speculations made on the recently teased website upon getting Platinum Trophy in God of War III. A lot of people out there trying to figure it out ! I’m listing below some selected points and you can head to Official GOW Forums for more info.


Leonidas's shield

Leonidas's shield

Warning Spoilers follow:
On the modern monument to the battle of Thermopylae, Leonidas’s shield has a representation of Deimos. Deimos’ voice actor is listed in the credits as “Josh Keaton” (the same man who played the Young Spartan in God of War 2 and the Boat Captain you see in both God of War 1 and 2), but Deimos never appears in God of War 3 (this leads me to believe this going to be DLC, rather than a whole new game). To those who are unaware, Deimos is the son of Ares and Aphrodite. By: BJtheLegend
But I’ll go one further by saying that perhaps the “Young Spartan” is Deimos! kratos changed the fate of the Spartans when he stopped Zeus from destroying Sparta, and it’s rather odd that the Young Spartan never appears again. Isn’t it a BIT ODD that this one spartan could put up such a fight against kratos (the battle is pretty damn hard on god mode)? then there’s the strange voice you hear while floating in the water in kratos’ mind, as you catch a line that wasn’t said in god of war 3: “A Spartan never lets his back touch the ground. Right brother?” And it sounds EXACTLY like Josh Keaton! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXkw672fUJ0 (go to about the 5:16) http://i43.tinypic.com/10h3fvr.png (look at the shield on the Young Spartan’s back!) Doesn’t it look like the SAME shield that’s on the Spartans Stand Tall website!?! By: BJtheLegend
All of that stuff sounds good,but I’m thinking that kratos (now in control of the power the box gave him) can not not be killed by stabbing him self so he pulled his own body to the ocean to try to drowned himself, when he lands in the water he starts to understand more things( like Athena said she could after becoming that ghost form) and then knows he must kill her because of the evil from the box got to her before she died and is now going to stop at nothing to kill humanity. So Athena teams up with kratos`s brother who was locked away in a chamber in Hades doman to kill everything. Now kratos must kill them both for humanity to truly be free of any gods, hopefully a titan made it so we can fight him too (or maybe three titans). Anyway maybe the only weapon that can kill Athena is also the only one that can kill kratos and kratos`s brother is the only one who knows where it is because he spent his whole life trying to find it. Ive been thinking a lot about this and im prob way off, but i really don’t want a psp game to come from the website. Also i think the website will be done in 8 days because it only took ten days to fill half way, if it started the day the game was released. By: STEBO-
I like all the ideas presented here really. But I just wonder if anybody noticed the spot where kratos lays atop. It has the form of a Phoenix Bird and as you may know The Phoenix Bird in Mythology represent a bird that burns itself to death and emerge from the ashes as a new reborn one. Anybody can notice the bird clearly in the accompanied pic here: http://twitpic.com/1bixm9 And about the ending, I loved it. It works as an end actually and also it can be extended to a new game again exactly like a Phoenix bird. this is called Cliffhanger in movies and games and what awesome about the idea is that he died on an actual cliff too Update: just noticed another thread discussing that !! however, worth spreading By: Gradly
Going back to the whole thing about Deimos: 1. Since all the voices in the darkness were from Kratos’ past, if Deimos is truly the voice, then Kratos already encountered him, so, with what we have now, there’s no reason to believe that we will encounter him in future DLC. 2. The so-called “phoenix” looked more like an eagle (the bird of Zeus) to me, which is more appropriate being that it is on the top of Mount Olympus 3. The part after the credits is an ambiguous ending. We last saw Kratos with a giant hole in him, bleeding profusely, and people think that he is alive because he dragged himself off a cliff? What’s more likely is that SSM can use that to either say “Kratos is dead, we will not make a sequel” OR “Kratos was saved by *insert name/action here* and GoW 4 is in production” depending on what the future holds. 4. As for the cut ending, they seem to talk about it more along the lines of an alternate ending, rather than an extension of it By: Powerock

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