God of War III to get a New Multiplayer Mode

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God of War III is going Multiplayer

A recent scan taken from the latest European Playstation Mag reveals that God of War III may get a new multiplayer mode. As reported earlier, those who were brave enough to earn the Platinum trophy received a link to a secret Website.

The secret Website shows a countdown timer and a storm brewing in the background. As the counter ticks down, the storm seems to get worse. There has been a great deal of speculation as to what will be revealed, ranging from DLC to a new game announcement.

The site’s URL reveals a hint to what it could be. Part of the URL has the words, “Spartans Stand Tall” in it. Many speculated that this could be a hint to some kind of multiplayer DLC.

The latest scan taken from the European Playstation Mag is actually quite telling. The headline seems to indicate that this will be revealed in April 2010, which does coincide with when the counter on the site will expire. The scan also reveals that the multiplayer mode will be delivered via DLC.

The pictures reveal a Mortal Kombat like versus fight screen, with health bars on both sides and a timer in the middle.

Gods of Olympus

Hmmm.. gods of Olympus (X-men), titans.. Kratos.. could this be the unveiling of God of War “Kombat,” with fatalities and killer combos? I’m getting Goosebumps just thinking about it. Stay tuned for more information. + Source Scan it & Share it !! [qrcodetag]http://gradly.net/2010/03/30/god-of-war-iii-to-get-a-new-multiplayer-mode[/qrcodetag]

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