Secret Live Wallpapers From Samsung Galaxy S II Available For Download

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The two Live Wallpapers from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II have been extracted by the guys at smartkeitai and now you can run them on your Android. The two wallpapers pulled are centered around the countryside with windmills and the coast with a beach scene. The backgrounds will actually change from day to night depending on the time of day, which is always a cool feature when it comes to live wallpapers.

Watch this video below:

Note: on the SGS II, these wallpapers update with weather animations corresponding to your area. Unfortunately, the LWP settings menu only gives options for update time intervals and doesn’t allow location configuration.

Install the APK files using a file explorer and then configure them just like any other live wallpaper.
  • Secret Wallpaper 1 is the beach scene: [ Download ]
  • Secret Wallpaper 2 is the windmill scene: [ Download ]

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