Introducing Google+ When the Search Giant Goes Social

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Google, the world’s largest search company, is competing, apparently, with Facebook to become a major force in social networking. Google+ announced today and it looks promising.

Not to mention, Google+ designed by one of the creators of the original Macintosh. Wired’s Steven Levy is reporting that Andy Hertzfeld, actually, played an essential role in the design of Google+.

With colorful animations, drag-and-drop magic, and whimsical interface touches, Circles looks more like a classic Apple program than the typically bland Google app. That’s no surprise since the key interface designer was legendary software artist Andy Hertzfeld.

Google+ design really is excellent, especially for Google. It is invite-only at the moment.


Google has released many videos explaining the new project: +Circles: +Sparks: +Mobile: Instant Upload +Hangouts: And +Huddle, the Android App:

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