Apple’s iOS Is More Secure Than Google’s Android!

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An interesting report run by security experts at Symantec indicates that Apple iOS devices are much “less prone” to most security risks than Google’s Android platform.

For its closed app distribution nature, the iOS is more secure and its increased resistance to resource abuse, data loss, and data integrity attacks among the factors.

In a head-to-head comparison, Symantec found that iOS was just more secure in many areas, and was found, contrary to their findings regarding Android, to have full protection against malware attacks. Apple’s platform was also found to have greater security feature implementation in the categories of access control, application provenance, and encryption.

The report also applauds Apple for their thorough and excellent job in designing the non-interface aspects of iOS. Check out the full report in all of its detail over at Symantec. [via mactrast]

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