Diaspora Invites Giveaway: Get Diaspora Free Invite Now

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Diaspora unlike Facebook or Google+ is a decentralized Social Network run by distributed Web servers maintained by some of their own users in “pods”. The Project is still under Development stage and is an invite only signup. Diaspora is gaining popularity because of the privacy concerns haunting people in major social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ which are centralized.

For those of you who still haven’t registered for Google+, how about checking out Diaspora for the time being until that time. Diaspora allows invites of a limited number of users, so I will be giving some of you until we figure out a way for a possibility to send more invites. So follow these steps to land yourself an invite to the most popular closed social networking site available on the internet.

How to get invited?

follow the easy simple steps below:
    1. Follow @iGradly on twitter or like the Facebook Page and share this on Facebook.
    2. Tweet the post in the format given below with the username.
Get Free Diaspora invite Now | #Diaspora Free Giveaway – http://t.co/MFejI2X @iGradly #Giveaway
  • After you done with the 2 steps , don’t forget to leave your comment on why you want to join Diaspora along with your email address, so that i can send you the invite to Diaspora.

Note: Please don’t post your email directly in the body of the comment to avoid spamming but instead you have a specific box for that to do so.

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