Facebook For iPad Has Arrived [Updated]

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The entire world has been patiently awaiting the arrival of a Facebook iPad app. This however is just about to change. As discovered by some folks on Twitter and confirmed by TechCrunch, the new Facebook iPad app is ready and actually already out there. Indeed, Facebook did develop the app and placed it inside its code already, but hasn’t simply activated it. Just a few lines of code to change can however make it happen.

Hidden in the code of Facebook’s iPhone app is the code for something else. Something everyone has been waiting over a year for. The iPad app.

The gist of the trick is a modification to make inside the Facebook app discovered by AeroEchelon on Twitter:

If you change the UIDeviceFamily to 2 for iPhone on the Facebook app you get an iPad version!

You can make apps iPad compatible without pixelation and 2x button and also you can make the app support all 4 orientations. Here is how:

1.  Navigate to the app you want to make compatible in /var/mobile/Applications 2.  Open the info.plist in the applications main folder 3.  Add the follow: <key>UIDeviceFamily</key> <array> <integer>1</integer> <integer>2</integer> </array> 4. Respring and then you should have a nice iPad size app

iClarified has a full step by step guide on how to achieve just that. It’s actually the same technique that has been long used to force iPhone-only apps to run in full screen on the iPad.

Update #1:

Facebook has blocked access to iPad version

Update #2:

You can re-enable Facebook’s iPad app by doing this:
  • Download Facebook app
  • Open Cydia and install FaceForward [a free tweak available under BigBoss repo]
  [via appadvice]

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