Google and Samsung Delay Nexus Prime Launch Due to Steve Jobs Mourning

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Google and Samsung announce that the Galaxy Nexus, a.k.a the Nexus Prime, will not launch at the Mobile Unpacked conference October 12 next Wednesday, as expected and teased.

Google and Samsung “just felt it was the wrong time to hold a launch event, as the world continues mourning Jobs”:

The decision to postpone things was made late last night at the top levels of both companies, sources said, with Jobs’ death being the reason. There are no delays with the product itself, sources insisted.

Samsung and Google later updated their original press statement, which now reads:

We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’s passing.

They are likely to make an announcement on the launch late next week.  The new Google phone is built by Samsung and is rumored to have a 4.65-inch, 720P display with dual core 1.5GHz Samsung processor, NFC, 1GB of RAM and runs over Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It will likely be one of the stronger competitors for iPhone 4S.

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