iPad 3 Rumors Roundup; Retina Display, A5X SoC, Better Camera, Thicker, More Tapered Design

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A bigger Camera Lens and more tapered design for iPad 3

The next generation iPad, iPad 3 will look almost identical to its predecessor. The screen is allegedly sporting a 2048 X 1536 pixel resolution display provided by Samsung.

Interestingly, Samsung is about to spin off the company’s LCD display business into a new entity. a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, named Samsung Display Company.


iPad 3 is thicker than iPad 2

Back to the main subject, the new tablet is said to be a little thicker with more tapered edges hiding the extra bulk, and sporting a larger camera lens probably an 8 Mega pixel.

A new photo has surfaced on the WeiPhone forums via iMore showing a system-on-a-chip nestled onto a prototype logic board, carrying a previously unheard of “A5X”. The A5X chip also includes a date code of “1146″, which would peg production at or around November 14th-20th of 2011.

iPad 3 Logic board A5X SoC

iPad 3 Logic board A5X SoC

This could mean that iPad 3 will have an updated variant of the Apple A5 chipset rather than an Apple A6 chipset as previously speculated or this is only a prototype was being tested.

The A5X chip is model #S5L8945X, that indicates a dual-core architecture rather than going to a quad-core architecture as previously speculated.

For iPhone 4 screen when first debuted with a Retina display moniker. To achieve this capability there were four factors to be taken into account; Display size, resolution, pixel density and the distance viewed, in the iPhone case it has 3.5″ display, 960 x 640 Pixels, at least 300 pixels per inch held at 12-15 inches away. But this is different form a 9.7-inch tablet display, for the iPad it normally held 15-18 inches away, needs more than 240 pixels per inch to get Retina condition. iPad 3 is said to have 9.7″ with 2048 x1536 resolution at 264ppi which is more than enough.

iPad 3 may include 4G LTE network support after all but its less likely.

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