Resident Evil 6 New Details Emerged; Three Distinct Campaigns

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Resident Evil 6 title

Resident Evil 6 title

After the leaked second trailer from Capcom’s Captivate event yesterday, new details emerged on Resident Evil 6. The game will be split into three distinct campaigns that can be played in any order. Leon’s story takes place in the US, Chris’ in China and new man Jake’s in Idonia.

Jake Muller in Resident Evil 6

Jake Mueller in Resident Evil 6

Jake Mueller: son of Albert Wesker and a new character joining the gang, starts off in the fictional Eastern European nation where he was born. Mueller’s blood holds the cure for Resident Evil 6’s new C-Virus and can also make short work of the T, G, or t+G virus too, which makes him a very important figure in the game.

Sherry Birkin in Resident Evil 6

Sherry Birkin in Resident Evil 6

Sherry Birkin: an all grown up, who makes the jump from Resident Evil 2 loaded with her own share of immunities. Sherry has not only managed to avoid being captured by the US government but she’s also managed to keep the G-Virus in check too.

Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 6

Chris Redfield in Resident Evil 6

Chris Redfield: his campaign is closer to Resident Evil 5’s all-action shootouts, except this time he’s swapping the streets of Africa for the fictional city of Lanshiang, which has suffered the full force of a C-Virus attack and now houses a population of mutated civilians. Chris is buddied up with Piers Nivens, who fans of the Resident Evil manga might know as “Beards Nevence”.

C- Virus: The new C strain mixes the worst of the T-Virus, G-Virus, and Las Plagas to create a whole new breed of horrible monsters. The infected enter a Chrysalid state and then emerge in unpredictable new forms. Some are the good old shambling zombies of old while others are a little smarter and can use melee weapons.

The worst of the bunch are transformed into J’Avos and are soldier-like in their behaviour, can repair limbs their damaged limbs much like Resident Evil 4’s Plagas Regenerators, and – terrifyingly – can even use firearms and other complex weapons.

Leon Kennedy and agent Helena Harper in Resident Evil 6

Leon Kennedy and agent Helena Harper in Resident Evil 6

Leon Kennedy: his campaign sounds most promising taking place at the Tall Oaks university campus where a bio-terror attack has mutated the student population and zombified the President of the United States, which leaves floppy-haired Leon with no choice but to put a bullet between the Commander in Chief’s eyes.

This part of the game introduces a more dynamic camera to the series which is said to seamlessly blend gameplay into scripted events.

“We’re really trying to recreate the horrific atmosphere fans remember from the first Resident Evils and going for more gothic horror feel for Leon’s part of the story,” says Sasaki. “But usually we left every big story moment to the big cut-scenes. This time we wanted to bring that home to the player and make that more immediate. We tried to add those elements to the game itself and bring the player closer to those dramatic elements.”

Speaking to NowGamer Eiichiro explained that the complete Resident Evil 6 experience will eat up around 30 hours, making it Capcom’s longest survival horror title to date.

“The three characters each have their own story and you can choose whichever one you want and play that story, experience that character’s story,” he said.

The producer indicated there’s likely to be some shared content within these campaigns by alluding to the fact that each one three stories eventually overlap, with the three main characters eventually all meeting up in China. [via CVG]

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