Digg Rebooted, Launches Redesign and iOS App

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Digg Rebooted, Launches Redesign and iOS App

Digg Rebooted, Launches Redesign and iOS App

After being acquired by Betaworks, Digg redesign has gone live, a result of a very rapid 6-week redesign process. The new design is simpler and cleaner, it emphasizes top stories, popular stories, and upcoming stories. The new Digg score system will take advantage from social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to rank stories. The front page of Digg will also features editorial stories instead of relying completely on the Digg engine.

In the blog post, Betaworks says that it intends to continue to add new features:

While today’s launch is a milestone for us, we’re more excited about what’s coming next. In the subsequent weeks and months we will:

  • introduce network-based personalization features (like we do in News.me) to make Digg a more relevant and social experience
  • experiment with new commenting features
  • continue to iterate Digg for mobile web
  • move the website forward with features like the Reading List, different views into the top stories on Digg, and more data to help users better understand why a particular story is trending
  • launch an API so that members of the development community can build all the products that we haven’t even thought of yet

In addition to the website, Digg also has launched a new iOS app, which offers a similar news reading.

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