Teen Wolf 2012 S02E12 720p “Master Plan” Season Finale

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Teen Wolf 2012 S02E12 720p "Master Plan" Season Finale

Teen Wolf 2012 S02E12 720p “Master Plan” Season Finale

In the second season of the hit series, Teen Wolf, the story becomes more dark and after having taken over as Alpha, Derek recruits new members to his pack. Without Derek to help Scott, Stiles becomes even more embroiled in werewolf affairs, while Allison trains to become more involved in the family business. The fates of Lydia and Jackson will be explored. Scott continues to search for a cure.

Teen Wolf Episode 2×12 Synopsis:

Scott races to uncover Gerard’s master plan following a shocking death on the lacrosse field. Meanwhile, Derek plots to take Gerard down using his own methods.

Teen Wolf Episode 2×12 Plot Details:

Stiles is kidnapped by Gerard, who also has Boyd and Erica tied up. Able to escape, Stiles returns to his worried father. Peter reveals that Jackson stabbing himself was part of Gerard’s plan. Chris, realizing that Gerard is the true enemy, sets Boyd and Erica free, and goes to Scott and Isaac. Working together now, they take Jackson’s body to Derek. Gerard arrives and Jackson turns into the Kanima. A battle ensues with Chris, Derek, Scott and Isaac against the Kanima and Allison. Gerard reveals his master plan: he has cancer and had planned to cure himself by using Derek to become an Alpha werewolf. Scott gets Derek to bite Gerard but Gerard’s body rejects it. Scott reveals he had his own plan: he and Dr. Deaton had replaced Gerard’s cancer pills with mountain ash. Lydia gets the Kanima to change back into Jackson. Realizing his fate, Jackson allows Derek and Peter to kill him, but shortly comes back to life as a blue-eyed werewolf. Gerard escapes but the group determines he is dying. Allison tearfully breaks up with Scott but he assures her that he’ll wait for her. Isaac, Derek, and Peter find a cryptic symbol on the door of the Hale house; Peter explains it is the symbol of the Alpha pack, a pack of Alpha werewolves, that has come to town, indicating new danger. This Alpha pack traps Boyd and Erica as they are fleeing, leaving their fate uncertain.

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