iPhone 5 is a Hit or a Miss?

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iPhone 5 is a Hit or a Miss?

iPhone 5 is a Hit or a Miss?

Apple has successfully shaped the future for what the modern phone must look like since the debut of the original iPhone back in 2007 and ever since they go on building upon that success, and unsurprisingly, the new iPhone 5 is the finest Apple mobile device yet.

Building upon that success is the case with every iPhone announced and this is the safe shelter for haters to bash every new entry released.

An all-new Design?

For all the ranters out there that can’t help themselves but touting the iPhone 5 as disappointing. What have you been waiting for exactly? An all-new design? Could anyone think of a better design than the current one? A circular, a cubic or more rounded-corner design that end up looking ugly/weird compared to other Apple products? Or they would like Apple to bring a totally disastrous design or whatever help bring down the company success? Apple is not going to revolutionize the phone every time and then.

Apple will not bring a different design for the sake of difference, Apple will make new designs only and if only they get better concepts than the past and current ones. Remember, Apple’s main strategy: Don’t fix what is not broken.

If the original iPhone was a wheel, why should Apple be bothered to reinvent the wheel over and over again, think about that this way, Apple will make the wheel better, efficient and more durable and this is what Apple doing year after year with iPhones.

NFC or Wireless charging?

Apple is indeed experimenting these technologies long time before as we previously came across a set of patents related to both technologies. Despite what Apple marketing exec Phil Schiller explained, Apple is not going to introduce these technologies until its time to bring them in full charge. Judging by Apple history, the company spent a lot of time, actually, many years before they unveil their devices and services, including iPhone, iPad, etc..

If Apple chose not to include NFC, then it isn’t time yet, we can speculate, maybe adding the feature will demand more battery, still fragmented standard, security concerns, Google investment in the industry hasn’t paid off yet, but, against all odds, Apple still has a good alternative, Bluetooth 4.0 that they can fully utilize,

The new earpods, for instance, were in the works since 3 years, and this time was the perfect moment to unveil the new accessory. Apple will bring the devices when its ready, unlike the other competitors who rather have no issues delivering half-baked devices or services (Microsoft with Windows RT Surface tablet, Google Glass, Sony’s floating touch technology, Samsung’s flexible display, to name a few).

Why Apple will not please your appetite?

As I said before Apple has different strategy up its sleeves, they will not fix what is not broken, the human nature always sees things broken and wants to change things even entirely.

Apple keeps walking in the same pace, with or without your desire.

Why I don’t care about competitors?

Let me go straight, I hate people comparing different features between mobile devices, I know this is vital to choose you phone by comparing different devices but this is not what I’m referring to. I mean when they tell you stuff like, hey look, Galaxy S3 has NFC, Droid Razor is the thinnest, etc

The whole set of comparisons such features with other competitors are misleading and pointless. I don’t care if the Galaxy has the panorama shooting capability before, because the matter is beyond that, I’ll not buy a phone for a single feature like Nokia PureView tech for instance if the device as a whole doesn’t satisfy my needs, those devices lack the majority of Apple offerings in terms of the experience as a whole that just got better by introducing the iPhone 5, Apple is much more than NFC or a set of features its an ecosystem which competitors struggling to match, they hardly going after every leak and patent to copy or get ready for what Apple brings to the world and yet they can’t catchup with Apple because iPhone isn’t just a device it’s part of Apple ecosystem that just works.

Apple yet failed to impress many?

Apple keynotes and new devices are no longer bring thrills to people due to amounts of leaks that proved accurate. Keep you eyes shut and don’t read rumors and I bet you, you will get amazed by Apple each and every time.

But wait, who else other than Apple will tell you that they spend 3 years working on the new earpods, who else will tell you the science behind the band cutout, who else will tell you about photographing their assembly process with 29 megapixel cameras to ensure that a machine picks the exact inlet from 725 unique cuts? It’s only Apple that makes the ordinary stuff look so extraordinary.

Its still 326 ppi?

Of course the Retina display first introduced in iPhone 4 was a major industry changer and the companies are now competing to bring the more-dense concept to their displays. The amount of pixels is just perfect and Apple will not again challenge the 700,000+ Apps developers to upgrade their Apps for the sake of few extra pixels.

But, Apple updates the iPhone every year?

This is true, Apple will make consumers happy for at least 2 years, people are not forced to upgrade each and every year, for instance, iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S and maybe iPhone 4 are still killer devices. Unlike other competitors, Samsung, Nokia, HTC, etc who drops devices randomly every time and then with different screen sizes and different flavors (actually they are testing to find out what sells better) leaving the old devices-users unsupported.

Apple care about their old iPhones, even the retired iPhone 3Gs is getting the new iOS 6.

What went wrong?

The whole lightning-USB adapters stuff are way expensive. No one wants a gadget to connect a gadget to a gadget after all.

Was the iPhone 5 a hit or a miss?

“Hit” the link here to watch the full Apple iPhone 5 keynote

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