The Amazing Spider-man Movie Review

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The Amazing Spider-man Movie Review

The Amazing Spider-man Movie Review

Finally, I managed to watch “The Amazing Spider-man” and it is not amazing as expected. This movie has serious issues that I hope the team would be able to avoid in the upcoming sequels.

First off, the cast are surprisingly great, but having two major characters killed off is nonsense and surely leaving a huge void in the sequels.

The Amazing Spider-man Movie Review

The Amazing Spider-man Movie Review

.. But what went wrong? [Spoilers ahead]

Peter Parker doesn’t have a specific goal in this movie. At first it was to figure out what happened to his parents, which isn’t explained as well. We know nothing other than that “They were scientists.” So what? That’s not even 10% of what I needed to find out. I know the staff are keeping this for the next movies but they kept teasing us with the tagline “The Untold Story” and what we got is less satisfying.

Peter’s second goal is to control his new powers. The scene in the subway train when a random loser puts the beer bottle on his head for no or a strange reason, Peter jumps off and sticks to the ceiling begins climbing walls and beating up some innocent guys, and guess what? Almost a dozen witnessed him doing such spectacular abilities and no one seems to care about that or reporting what they saw to the authorities.

Now Peter’s goal is to bring uncle Ben’s murderer to justice, after several trials he just stops doing this, with no reason! The only thing he would do is crying one time and kissing the girl in another.

Later, Peter’s new goal is to confront the new villain, The Lizard, which is more like a CGI version. This thing is horribly written and executed, it has confusing motives, in the human form he looks good while in his alter ego he becomes violent, angry and in one scene knocking cars off of a bridge for no obvious reasons! Maybe it was just to tell someone that the vaccine isn’t ready yet? This is ridiculous and not satisfying.

There were a confusion and inconsistencies in this movie that totally spoiled this experience. Peter seems to be very comfortable being in the sewers to the point enjoying himself there. Police trying to stun Spider-man with Laser rifle while shooting the lizard using live rounds?! Really! In one scene, where Spider-man rescues a boy from a burning car, he wastes almost 5 minutes trying to convince the boy to be brave, climb up and hold his hand. This is boring and unneeded details at all.

Apart from some amazing POV scenes that unfortunately were spoiled in the trailers, most action scenes were non-thrilling at all, taking place at night or visually uninteresting. Guys, CGI and the sky at night do not make good fellows.

The climax does not work because we have seen that in a dozen movies before. The chemical missile that needs charging, again, for no reason (actually for the hero to come and rescue) and guess what, there is an antidote for that! You know the thing Gwen has been working on for the past 5 minutes. Really? Since when kids study advanced genetics in school?

Finally, Spider-man keeps removing his mask almost to every major character in this movie, This really isn’t the spider-man I wanted to see.

Rated: 6/10

Watch the trailer below:

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