Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox 720 Rumors Round-up

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Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox 720 Rumors Round-up

Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox 720 Rumors Round-up

The rumor mill regarding Sony and Microsoft next-gen consoles will not stop before the grand unveil which is due in June E3 game exhibition or a bit earlier.

A look at what you expect from both consoles, Playstation 4, PS4 (internally referred to as Orbis) and its Microsoft rival XBox 720 (internally referred to as Durango). Both consoles will feature 8-core CPUs clocked at 1.6GHz based on the new “Jaguar” technology by AMD which is currently in development. The new technology is said to offer great power consumption and raw performance.

Orbis will sport a SoC architecture packed with the latest GPU Radeon 7970M running at 850MHz and featuring 20 of AMD’s “Graphics Core Next” compute units. This specs offer up to 1.84 teraflops metric. On the other side, Durango, will probably use Radeon HD 8770 GPU, featuring 1.23 teraflops. This gives PS4 about 50% of raw power advantage.

Orbis is also said to feature 4GB of GDDR5 RAM with 512MB reserved for the operating system. While Durango is rumored to sport a set of 8GB DDR3 RAM of which 3GB reserved for the OS.

Take these speculations with a bunch of salt and expect more information and leaks on the way.

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