Sony’s Next-gen Console, PlayStation 4 ‘PS4’ Specs Leaked

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Sony's Next-gen Console, PlayStation 4 'PS4' Specs Leaked

Sony’s Next-gen Console, PlayStation 4 ‘PS4’ Specs Leaked

Following Microsoft‘s Xbox 720 specs leaked recently, It’s time to turn our attention to Sony’s offering with the new Game console, PS4.

Sony‘s Next-gen console, PS4, codenamed Orbis, is said to be powered by an 8-core CPU based on “Jaguar” technology by AMD. According to VGLeaks, there are 3 iterations of devkits make the evolution of Orbis through the years.

Details of each devkit are listed below:

1- R10 Board (with special BIOS) assemble in a Generic PC
  • Requires Windows 7 64 bit edition
  • Recommend
  • Sandy Bridge (Intel) or Bulldozer (AMD)
  • Minimum 8 GB RAM (system memory)
  • 650 Watt PSU
  • VS2010 SP1
  • DWM (Desktop Windows Manager) must be turned off
  • Application will use Windows services for everything except GPU interface
  • SCE will provide “Gnm”, a custom GPU interface
DVKT-KS000K system block diagram

DVKT-KS000K system block diagram

2- DVKT-KS000K (“Initial 1″)
  • Runs Orbis OS
  • CPU: Bulldozer 8-core, 1.6 Ghz
  • Graphics Card: R10 with special BIOS
  • RAM: 8 GB (system memory)
  • BD Drive
  • HDD: 2.5 ” 160 GB
  • Network Controller
  • Custom South Bridge allows access to controller prototypes
3- SoC Based Devkit
  • Available January 2013
  • CPU: 8-core Jaguar
  • GPU: Liverpool GPU
  • RAM: unified 8 GB for devkit (4 GB for the retail console)
  • Subsystem: HDD, Network Controller, BD Drive, Bluetooth Controller, WLAN and HDMI (up to 1980×1080@3D)
  • Analog Outputs: Audio, Composite Video
  • Connection to Host: USB 3.0 (targeting over 200 MB/s),
  • ORBIS Dualshock
  • Dual Camera

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