• Sherlock is Back

    Season 3 is around the corner

    BBC has released the first teaser trailer for Sherlock Season 3! Are you eagerly waiting for the resolution of how Sherlock faked his death?...

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  • Teen Wolf

    Season 3 is now available

    It's has arrived! The brand new season 3 of Teen Wolf. The new season features Alpha Pack and a bunch of new cast members, returning characters and a really darker theme.

  • The Amazing Spider-Man

    Movie Review

    A young Peter Parker is playing hide-and-seek with his scientist father Richard when he discovers that his father's study has been broken into. Was the adventure good? ...

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  • PlayStation 4

    Sony Unveils Next-gen Games Console

    During its E3 press conference Sony showed PS4 console hardware for the first time and confirmed that its Gaikai service will debut in 2014 in the US.

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  • Microsoft's Xbox One

    The successor to Xbox 360

    Microsoft has officially announced its new console, Xbox One. The new console is said to be the “the ultimate, all in one home entertainment system“, Bundled with a new Kinect sensor.

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