Apple’s busy diary for 2011

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Mac App Store

* Mac App Store opens for business * Apple introduces the iPad 2.0 — faster, thinner, new cameras, shipping “by April”. * Apple reports Q1 results — confirm huge Mac sales growth, stellar iPad sales and extremely strong iPhone statistics. * iWork 11 makes App Store debut. * News Corp. ships ‘The Daily’ magazine
* Aperture upgraded * First million apps downloaded from Mac App Store, iWork and a variety of free gaming apps see huge success. * iAds spring partners unveiled, though Apple skips discussion of revenue. * iTunes update brings TV show streaming and subscription services. Cable company shares take a dive.
* iPhone hits Verizon * White iPhone ships, but supplies deeply constrained * iBookstore update brings the Web to books * iBookstore/iTunes Extra title creation tool revealed, will this be part of future iLife suite?
* Apple upgrades MacBook Pro range, some models lose optical drives and gain SSD as standard. “We said this is where mobile computing is going, we still believe this,” says Jobs. * Apple reports Q2 results * iPad 2.0 hits retail for the first time, over a million sold on day one. * Final Cut Studio upgrade is 64-bit and integrates powerful iAd and virtual environment creation features. * iMac update now ships with Magic Trackpad as standard.
* iPad 2.0 achieves six million sales in first two months. * Logic Studio upgrade ships, now offers additional features for live performance mixing, including automated level controls for live desk recording.
* Steve Jobs keynotes WWDC * iPhone 5 debuts at WWDC * WWDC sees beta release of OS X Lion to developers. * Safari 6 offers improved Flash support — Flash now an optional extra. * OpenJDK Project announces first fully-tested public beta of Java for OS X Lion and Snow Leopard systems. * iOS 5 offers plethora of features, including new mapping and location-sensing tools. Apple focuses its pitch on easy-to-use and understand privacy controls for location and usage information.
* iPhone 5, iPad 2.0 reaches new countries * Apple reports Q3 results * Apple desktop products upgraded, now ship with Magic Trackpad as standard. Mac Pro now boasts LightPeak connectivity.
* Apple hosts special music event, introduces new products which ship in September (see below). * Apple introduces Android emulator for iPhone, “There’s some good apps on Android, now iPhone users can run them on their iPhone, unless they use Flash,” says Jobs. * Hell freezes over, iTunes app lets Android users purchase music from their favorite music store.
* iTunes 11 ships, offers cloud-based music locker service. “We’ve been working on this for a while,” admits Steve Jobs as he introduces the service. * New iPod touch ships, chassis is more like the iPhone 4, capacity increased. * iPod nano replaced by iPhone nano, worn like a watch and equipped with an A4 processor and the capacity for voice calls, this smaller cheaper iPhone is feature-limited but lets you Tweet, Facebook and email on the move. * iPod classic gets speed bump. * Apple TV gains latest (A5?) processor.
* Mac OS X ‘Lion’ ships * iOS 5.1 debuts, extends iOS/OS X integration. * iLife 12 appears, equipped with additional ‘cloud’-based features this is the first version of iLife to be made available exclusively via the App Store. * Apple reports Q4 results.
* iOS 5.2 upgrade ships
* App Store downloads now reach 5 billion * Mac App Store downloads reach 100 million * Apple confirms 5 million iPhone nano sales, cuts price for Christmas market.
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Gulliver’s Travels to be One Giant Apple Ad

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Gulliver’s Travels

The upcoming Jack Black comedy, Gulliver’s Travels, which opens Christmas Day, will be one giant Apple ad.

When Gulliver travels to Lilliput, he brings his iPhone, which when used by the Lilliputians appears gigantic.

The movie has multiple MacBooks and other Apple products, and Apple logos galore.

Apple is easily the most successful company ever in getting its products into movies and TV shows. Some 41% of the movies that hit number-one at the box office featured Apple products.

Part of the reason for this success is that Hollywood is Apple-obsessed. Another is that Apple works at it. The company proudly boasts that it never pays for product placement. But it’s likely that there is some string pulling, proactive offers of devices to use and other actions that are kept secret by the company.

Whatever Apple is doing, it’s working.

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Twitter Just Got Its Most Beautiful iPad App! TweetMag

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TweetMag is, without a doubt, the most beautiful Twitter app that ever landed on the iPad. Yes, TweetMag is more attractive than Flipboard.

TweetMag revolves around a simple idea: every user, list or search can become a tweetmag. Instead of allowing you to select the people you follow and tell the app “hey, let’s make a magazine out of this stream”, TweetMag is capable of converting almost any kind of Twitter stream into an app-optimized digital magazine. A tweetmag stands out because of its attention to typography, great use of whitespace, elegant layout and the way it (magically) displays content by relevance. [Link 4.99$]

Lots Of Great iOS Games Coming Out Tonight

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Real Racing 2 – $9.99 – link

Real Racing 2

The second chapter of the award winning game by Firemint, featuring 30 officially licensed cars, 16-player online multiplayer mode, new carrer mode, 15 different locations. Real Racing 2 also sports Game Center integration and real-time vehicle damages.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light link

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Developed by Square Enix and featuring Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, The Guardian of Light will let you control Lara from an isometric viewpoint in detailed environments. The game is a mix of exploration, discovery, platforming, and puzzle solving.

N.O.V.A. 2 – link

N.O.V.A. 2

N.O.V.A. 2 by Gameloft looks simply better and bigger than its predecessor. New multiplayer mode with 10 players in 10 maps, Retina Display-ready graphics, more weapons and powers, improved enemy AI and possibility to drive vehicles during missions. Sadly, the game isn’t universal for iPhone and iPad.

Shadow Guardian – link

Shadow Guardian

Described by many as Gameloft’s take on the Uncharted saga, Shadow Guardian tells the story of adventurer Jason Call in his quest to save the ancient Prima Materia. Judging from the screenshots, it looks like Shadow Guardian will feature lots of different areas to explore and great graphics.

Geared 2 – link

Geared 2

Even more puzzle action in the sequel to one of the most successful games that ever landed in the App Store. Geared 2 features new levels and level editor with user-submitted maps, new ghost / sun / moon gear, new wall items, new graphics and new UI. Yeah, sounds like it’s all new.

World of Goo – link

World of Goo

The popular indie game that saw its huge success on Macs, PCs and the Nintendo Wii is coming to the iPad. Those who already tried the game say it takes full advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch controls, and puts previous iterations for mouse and joystick controls to shame. We can’t wait to try this one.

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