All 66 Mac vs PC Campaign Ads

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The Mac vs PC Campaign ads were some of the most entertaining advertisements on TV with John Hodgman (being a PC) and Justin Long (being a Mac). Unfortunately Apple pulled the plug on the fun last year. However, Adweek has compiled all 66 ads for your viewing pleasure. and they are ordered chronologically. All 66 ads were directed by Phil Morrison of Epoch Films for TBWA Media Arts Lab.

1. Better / May 2006. 2. iLife / May 2006. 3. Network / May 2006.
4. Restarting / May 2006. 5. Viruses / May 2006. 6. Wall street Journal / May 2006.
7. Out of the Box / June 2006. 8. Toché / June 2006. 9. Work vs. Home / June 2006.
10. Accident / August 2006. 11. Angel vs. Devil / August 2006. 12. Trust Mac / August 2006.
13. Better Results / October 2006. 14. Counselor / October 2006. 15. Self-pity / October 2006.
16. Gift Exchange / November 2006. 17. Meant for Work / November 2006. 18. Sales Pitch / November 2006.
19. Goodwill / December 2006. 20. Sabotage /January 2007. 21. Surgery / January 2007.
22. tech Support / January 2007. 23. Security / February 2007. 24. Computer cart / April 2007.
25. Flashback / April 2007. 26. Stuffed / April 2007. 27. Choose a Vista / May 2007.
28. Genius / May 2007. 29. Party is Over / May 2007. 30. Boxer / November 2007.
31. Podium / November 2007. 32. PR Lady / November 2007. 33. Misprint / December 2007.
Note: Part 2 (the remaining 33 vids) will be posted soon

South Park Takes on Apple’s Location Tracking Fiasco

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For 14 years, South Park has taken the news and given it a unique and timely twist with a no-holds-barred candor that often leaves viewers in stitches. Tonight’s Season 15 premiere—which took on the issue of Apple’s secret tracking of iPhone and iPad users and added a disgustingly sinister twist courtesy of Steve Jobs—continued that tradition in truly stellar form. Watch out the humorous video below:

[via: gawker]

New MacBook Pro to Have an All New Case Design?

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MacRumors has heard reliable confirmation that the next revision of Apple’s MacBook Pro line will utilize a new case design for the first time in several years.

The possibility of a new case design was first revealed by iLounge in February just before the early 2011 MacBook Pros were released. iLounge described the most recent updates as the last “incremental” update before an all-new MacBook Pro design.

Next year is the year when Apple will introduce an all new design for the MacBook Pro product family, which is already under development at Quanta in Taiwan. It’s being described as a big, “milestone” release for the Pro family, as compared with the speed bump features that will be introduced in [February’s] models.

The last time the MacBook Pro was redesigned was in late 2008 with the introduction of the unibody MacBook Pro. The unibody MacBook Pro design which remains in use today offers an iMac-inspired design with a black-bezel and aluminum unibody casing. Unfortunately, we have no specifics on what the next MacBook Pro might look like, though many have previously speculated that Apple will take cues from the MacBook Air line.

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