5 6 Things I Hate About Resident Evil 5

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1- The AI: the time you are heavily trying to save some ammo by using the Machete whenever possible, you will get Sheva wasting Ammo on the same hordes of zombies you are currently fighting.

2- Run & Gun: as long as the series totally upgraded I don’t think its good to keep the control scheme as is also. At least why should I press X to run (I’m not driving a car actually). Tilting the left stick a little should make the magic.

3- Catching Breath: when you get in business there is no place to catch your breath or manage your inventory. Managing inventory in real time is a bad idea instead of choosing a weapon you may end up handing that accidentally to Sheva

4- Voice: the voice of Sheva is in different pitches, it must rather be neutralized [or its my imagination].

5- 720p: sadly the game is in 720p not 1080p and maybe the Xbox DVD limited size came up with this restriction. Early PS3 Version box rear stated that 720p format supported. Xbox in turn had 1080p supported (Almost All games on Xbox have 1080p format cuz the system automatically upscales 720 to 1080 pixels, Sony keeps the native resolution of the game.) HDTV Sets also upscales to make the game and other media get full Screen Display. PS3 Japanese version (Biohazard 5) has 720p, 1080i, 1080p printed on the box rear. luckily , we’ve to wait until march 13 to figure it out.

6- Chris Action Figurine provided in the Limited Edition is 3 inches only.

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