Google Launches Streaming Cloud Service ‘Music Beta by Google’

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Google debuted its own streaming music service at its I/O developer conference Today morning. The service dubbed “Music Beta by Google,” will act as a “digital locker,” where users are able to store their music in the cloud instead of on their local hard drives or mobile devices.

After uploading your existing music library to a remote server, you’ll be able to stream your music to your Android phone or web-connected PC. As long as you’re connected to the internet, you’ll be able to access your music wherever you go. You’ll be able to add up to 20k songs, and it’s free while its in beta mode.

“We’ve been in negotiations with the industry for a different set of features, with mixed results,” she told Billboard the night before the announcement was made. “[But] a couple of major labels were less focused on innovation and more on demanding unreasonable and unsustainable business terms.”

According to sources familiar with the matter, Google had hoped to let users “beam” their digital music collections into a cloud-based locker system by recognizing the files and mirroring them in the cloud. Google has a reputation for getting what it wants, but instead, due to a breakdown in negotiations with major labels Sony Music and Universal Music Group, Music Beta by Google reportedly lacks label licensing for its Music Beta service.

As we posted before, he service is currently invite only, with priority given to those attending Google I/O as well as those who own Motorola’s Xoom tablet. Registration can be found at

Secret Live Wallpapers From Samsung Galaxy S II Available For Download

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The two Live Wallpapers from the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S II have been extracted by the guys at smartkeitai and now you can run them on your Android. The two wallpapers pulled are centered around the countryside with windmills and the coast with a beach scene. The backgrounds will actually change from day to night depending on the time of day, which is always a cool feature when it comes to live wallpapers.

Watch this video below:

Note: on the SGS II, these wallpapers update with weather animations corresponding to your area. Unfortunately, the LWP settings menu only gives options for update time intervals and doesn’t allow location configuration.

Install the APK files using a file explorer and then configure them just like any other live wallpaper.
  • Secret Wallpaper 1 is the beach scene: [ Download ]
  • Secret Wallpaper 2 is the windmill scene: [ Download ]

Android 3.0 Honeycomb Apps List is Only 17

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While introducing iPad 2 last month, Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs described the competitive market for tablet apps on Google’s Android 3.0 Honeycomb as having “at most 100 apps.” The actual Android catalog appears to be closer to 17. as noted by Appleinsider.

Jobs noted that the iOS App Store now has over 350,000 titles, of which 65,000 “take full advantage of the iPad,” drawing attention to “consumption apps, creation apps and fantastic games, and a lot of apps for business and vertical markets apps like medical. The things people are doing here are amazing,” Jobs said.

“That compares to our competitors, who are trying to launch these days with at most 100 apps. And I think we’re being a little generous here. This is a huge advantage we have,” Jobs added.

A review of Google’s Android Marketplace tablet offerings “featured for tablets” depicts just 50 apps, but as blogger Justin Williams notes, “most are upconverted and offer no significant advantages on a tablet other than a larger screen.”

Looking only at apps that either require Android 3.0 or have a user interface “specifically designed for a tablet experience,” Williams counted only 17.

Google Android Ousts Nokia Symbian From Smartphones Top Spot

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Reuters reports that for the first time in over ten years, Nokia’s Symbian is no longer the world’s number one smartphone platform. The new king? Google’s Android.
In the fourth quarter, phone makers sold 32.9 million Android-equipped phones globally, roughly seven times more than the year-earlier quarter, compared with Symbian’s sales of 31 million, according to Research firm Canalys.
Of course it should probably come as no great surprise that a free, multi-manufacturer operating system is shipping more units than one running on just the single company’s hardware. That said though, this is without doubt the start of a new era and one that could possibly spell the end of Nokia as we know it. With hit hardware like the Samsung Galaxy S line along with a rash of hardware coming in 2011, Android shows no sign of slowing down. With each new OS release comes new features, more bells and whistles and a bit more spit and polish. Currently Google claims over 300,000 devices are being activated each and every day, so it’s safe to say sales aren’t going to slow soon. Now it’s down to the hardware manufacturers to produce the hardware to go along with the OS. Meanwhile the folks over at Nokia haven’t had it quite so good. In just over 2 years since Google launched Android, Nokia has seen its market share slump from almost 50% to less than 31%. With new Chief Executive Stephen Elop at the helm, the former Swedish giants will be hoping to start moving in the right direction sooner rather than later. Could that include the use of Android on its handsets? That’s the rumor going around the tech blogs over the last few weeks and few could argue against it. Nokia needs a more modern OS for its class-filled hardware and Google’s offering is getting better each release. A match made in heaven perhaps? [via: redmondpie]

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