Install Siri Dictation on iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 4G

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Siri Dictation

Since the debut of Siri virtual assistance alongside the iPhone 4S, hackers have been trying hardly to port the feature to older iDevices. There are no hardware limitations but the only concern still that the service needs to connect to Apple servers to get it working.

Siri’s dictation feature has now been made publicly available in Cydia for the iPhone 4, 3GS, Touch 4G and it actually works. Developer Eric Day has released a jailbreak tweak called Siri0us.

“Siri dictation for your iOS 5 devices. No iPhone 4S keys/files required.”

The tweak actually works but sadly with some Ads around.

Add the source on Cydia to get the tweak

Siri Protocol Cracked

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It seems the guys over at Applidium have managed to get Siri’s protocol cracked, this actually opens the door to all sorts of possibilities letting Siri to, potentially, be ported to various apps and devices including iPad, Android devices or other third-party apps.

Apple has already gone into some detail of how Siri works. Basically it works by communicating with Apple’s remote servers, the speech you feed you iPhone 4S is sent, deciphered by the servers and then bounces it back to your handset.

Today, we managed to crack open Siri’s protocol. As a result, we are able to use Siri’s recognition engine from any device. Yes, that means anyone could now write an Android app that uses the real Siri! Or use Siri on an iPad! And we’re going to share this know-how with you.

But there is one little snag to this in that the Apple servers need an identifier key called a UDID associated to an iPhone 4S model only to get Siri work.

How to Enable the Hidden Panorama Camera Mode in iOS 5

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Panorama functionality in iOS 5

After the first beta of iOS 5 was seeded to developers in June, a series of code strings suggested the company could implement a panoramic photo-taking feature in the OS, allowing users to shoot wider photos with a Panorama functionality allegedly similar to what third-party apps like 360 Panorama and Pano are already offering. As Apple kept seeding more betas and eventually released iOS 5 to the public, Panorama was nowhere to be found in iOS, suggesting Apple wasn’t ready to debut the feature yet.

One Developer did a little digging around inside the camera app and discovered that editing a particular .plist file made the missing panorama mode to appear, however, a new Cydia tweak made available now, called Firebreak. to simply enable camera’s panorama mode:

Firebreak via Cydia

Requires iOS 5 or higher Requires Gyroscope capable device, iPhone 4, or newer, or iPad 2. Enable built-in panoramas on iOS 5 Camera app. No icons added to the homescreen. The panorama button is added to the Options menu in the Camera app.
Once downloaded and installed you will have the panorama mode enabled.

How To Jailbreak iOS 5 Semi-Tethered On iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

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While waiting for full untethered jailbreak for iOS 5, here is a very good deal for a half solution to that.

BigBoss has released Semitethered Jailbreak, a new Cydia package that lets you reboot your iOS 5 jailbroken iPhone at will while away from your computer!


It’s not without it’s cons, but it’s a whole lot better than a normal tethered jailbreak. How to get use Semitethered Jailbreak
Step 1: Tether Jailbreak your iOS 5 device with RedSn0w Step 2: Add to your Cydia sources. Step 3: Install SemiTether and reboot!
That’s it. Now you can reboot your iPhone, even away from your computer! As mentioned, there are a few cons though.
  • Phone will reboot to Home screen
  • Can use every stock app on iPhone except Mail and Safari until boot tether
  • Can’t use Cydia, or any jailbreak apps and tweaks until boot tether
  • Phone can take longer to boot

That’s a pretty good compromise, whenever you want to reboot while away from the computer.

Remember to get the full functionality back you have to boot the device back into a tethered jailbroken state using Redsn0w. To do this, start Redsn0w, go into “Extras”, select “Just Boot” option and enter DFU mode. Redsn0w should now boot your device as tethered

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