iOS 7 Beta 1 Download Links

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iOS 7 Beta 1 Download Links

iOS 7 Beta 1 Download Links

Apple has released iOS 7 Beta 1 with fully overhauled design.

Update: iOS 7 Direct Download Links Officially Released, click here to download

NOTE: This is a beta version and intended for developers only, you can “update” (don’t do “restore”) to test on preferably a testing unit. Install it at your own risk.

iOS 7 Beta 1 Download Links:

Apple Reveals A Radical All-new Design For iOS 7

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iOS 7

iOS 7

Apple unveiled iOS 7, the software’s biggest redesign since the debut of the original iPhone. While the heavy rumored Apple direction towards a flatter design, the current system fans could be shocked by the design overhaul. Personally, I hate the new UI, Ditching an iconic design elements for very forgettable and cheap rip-offs of Android, Windows Phone, WebOS, and Cydia tweaks, is definitely something I’m not sold into.

A quick rundown of new features in iOS 7:
  • Completely redesigned interface
  • New Lockscreen
  • New translucency and Parallax allows you to see layers of info
  • Weather app has interactive displays
  • Calendar has new minimalist UI
  • Multiple page support in Folders
  • FaceTime audio calls
  • Phone and Message blocking
  • Activation lock disables phone if stolen
  • iPhone beta available to developers today
  • Coming this fall
iOS 7 Control Center

iOS 7 Control Center

Control Center
  • Swipe up from bottom of device to access toggles quickly
  • Turn on Airplane Mode, adjust brightness, AirDrop, etc.
iOS 7 Multitasking

iOS 7 Multitasking

  • New interface shows app cards
  • Multi-tasking for all apps with great battery life
  • Puts apps into scheduled background cycles
  • Adapts to network conditions
  • New full-screen look
  • Pull down from top brings up smart search field
  • iCloud Keychain support
  • Redesigned UI
  • New filters
  • Accessible from Control Center
New Photos App
  • Collect photos into ‘Moments’ based on location, date, or people.
  • Look across photo collection by pinch-to-zooming through Photostream
  • Share photos via AirDrop, Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, etc.
  • See comments from people you’ve shared the picture with directly in image
iOS 7 Airdrop

iOS 7 Airdrop

  • Share images with friends
  • System-wide support with apps with share-sheets
  • Works on iPhone 5, iPad 4, 5th Gen iPod Touch
  • New interface with wave animation
  • All new female and male voices
  • Can now control more of your device such as adjusting brigthness
  • Wikipedia and Bing search results integrated directly into Siri
iOS in the Car
  • Get iOS on your car’s dashboard screen
  • Get directions, play music, have iMessages dictated to you and more, eyes free.
  • Supported by more than 12 car manufacturers in 2014
iOS 7 Notification Center

iOS 7 Notification Center

Notification Center
  • Notification Center now available on Lock Screen
  • Notification syncing
App Store
  • Search for apps by age range
  • Find apps based on current location
  • Apps are updated automatically
iTunes Radio
  • Built directly into iOS Music app.
  • Featured Stations stream music based on its theme.
  • Share stations with friends, or create your own based on favorite artists
  • Preview and purchase songs directly in the app.
  • Support on Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Apple TV
  • Free for all users
  • Completely ad-free for iTunes Match subscribers
  • Launches in the U.S.

Samsung Takes Another Jab At Apple with New Galaxy S4 Ad

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Samsung Takes Another Jab At Apple with New Galaxy S4 Ad

Samsung Takes Another Jab At Apple with New Galaxy S4 Ad

Samsung in a mission to popularize its latest flagship Galaxy S4 but at the expense of Apple. A new Ad for GS4 pokes fun at Apple’s iPhone 5. GS4 features are way much more than the iPhone 5, and its specs beat Apple’s latest smartphone in terms of almost everything. Watch the Ad right below:

Although Samsung started this kind of mocking Ads, last week Microsoft and Nokia poked fun at both iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. A marketing initiative from Microsoft, with a touch of humor, to address its position as number three. The Ad states “Don’t fight. Switch

Here’s the video:

Apple is expected to announce its iOS 7 at WWDC in which the company said to undertake major changes to the outdated system.

Apple Q2 2013 Results: $43.6 Billion Revenue, 37.4 Million iPhones, 19.5 Million iPads Sold

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Apple Q2 2013 Results: $43.6 Billion Revenue, 37.4 Million iPhones, 19.5 Million iPads Sold

Apple Q2 2013 Results: $43.6 Billion Revenue, 37.4 Million iPhones, 19.5 Million iPads Sold

Apple has published their Q2 2013 financial results for the quarter that ended on March 31st, 2013. The company posted revenue of $43.6 billion. The company sold 19.5 million iPads, 37.4 million iPhones, and just under 4 million Macs, earning a quarterly net profit of $9.5 billion. Overall, international sales accounted for 66 percent of the quarter’s revenue.

We are pleased to report record March quarter revenue thanks to continued strong performance of iPhone and iPad,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO. “Our teams are hard at work on some amazing new hardware, software and services, and we are very excited about the products in our pipeline.

 The Company expects to utilize a total of $100 billion of cash under the expanded program by the end of calendar 2015. This represents a $55 billion increase to the program announced last year and translates to an average rate of $30 billion per year from the time of the first dividend payment in August 2012 through December 2015.

Decline in AAPL stock price over last quarters has been very frustrating, but Apple remains very strong, and Apple will continue to do what it does best

Our teams are working on new hardware, software, and services that we can’t wait to introduce this Fall and throughout 2014

My view continues to be that iPhone 5 has the absolute best display in the industry. We always strive to create the very best display for our customers. Some customer value large screen sizes. Others value other factors such as resolution, white balance, color, portability, clarity, compatibility with apps… Our competitors have made some significant trade offs in many areas in order to ship a larger display. We will not ship a larger display iPhone while these trade offs exist.

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