Lots Of Great iOS Games Coming Out Tonight

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Real Racing 2 – $9.99 – link

Real Racing 2

The second chapter of the award winning game by Firemint, featuring 30 officially licensed cars, 16-player online multiplayer mode, new carrer mode, 15 different locations. Real Racing 2 also sports Game Center integration and real-time vehicle damages.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light link

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Developed by Square Enix and featuring Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, The Guardian of Light will let you control Lara from an isometric viewpoint in detailed environments. The game is a mix of exploration, discovery, platforming, and puzzle solving.

N.O.V.A. 2 – link

N.O.V.A. 2

N.O.V.A. 2 by Gameloft looks simply better and bigger than its predecessor. New multiplayer mode with 10 players in 10 maps, Retina Display-ready graphics, more weapons and powers, improved enemy AI and possibility to drive vehicles during missions. Sadly, the game isn’t universal for iPhone and iPad.

Shadow Guardian – link

Shadow Guardian

Described by many as Gameloft’s take on the Uncharted saga, Shadow Guardian tells the story of adventurer Jason Call in his quest to save the ancient Prima Materia. Judging from the screenshots, it looks like Shadow Guardian will feature lots of different areas to explore and great graphics.

Geared 2 – link

Geared 2

Even more puzzle action in the sequel to one of the most successful games that ever landed in the App Store. Geared 2 features new levels and level editor with user-submitted maps, new ghost / sun / moon gear, new wall items, new graphics and new UI. Yeah, sounds like it’s all new.

World of Goo – link

World of Goo

The popular indie game that saw its huge success on Macs, PCs and the Nintendo Wii is coming to the iPad. Those who already tried the game say it takes full advantage of the iPad’s multi-touch controls, and puts previous iterations for mouse and joystick controls to shame. We can’t wait to try this one.

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All Apple iOS 4.2 Direct Download Repository

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device current version date found
AppleTV(2G) (AppleTV2,1) 4.2.1 (8C150) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
iPad (iPad1,1) 4.2 (8C148) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
iPhone (iPhone1,1) 3.1.3 (7E18) 04/08/2010 21:05:48
iPhone3G (iPhone1,2) 4.2 (8C148) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
iPhone3GS (iPhone2,1) 4.2 (8C148a) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
iPhone4 (iPhone3,1) 4.2 (8C148) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
iPodTouch(2G) (iPod2,1) 4.2 (8C148) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
iPodTouch(3G) (iPod3,1) 4.2 (8C148) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
iPodTouch(4G) (iPod4,1) 4.2 (8C148) 11/22/2010 13:08:57
last updated: 11/22/2010 13:20:02 EDT

iPhone may not wake you up on time tomorrow morning

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Apple is warning iPhone users that the daylight savings time glitch that plagued Europe affects US iPhones too, meaning you’ll wake up an hour late if you rely on the Clock app built into the device. Though Apple representatives say there’s a permanent fix in the works, it’s not due until iOS 4.2, so the company suggests you set a new alarm today if you want to rise on time. Since the bug apparently only affects certain repeating alarms, you can create a new one-time alarm (i.e. with the repeat option set to “never”) instead, and the iPhone clock will take care of the rest. [via: CNN]

Facebook iPhone App Update Now Live in the App Store

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Facebook’s updated iPhone app is now live in the App Store.


The app update, announced at Facebook’s Places event this afternoon, brings a new Facebook Groups interface, deals, improved checkins and a flurry of bug fixes. To download the app, click here or check for updates in itunes or on your iPhone or iPod touch. Update: If you’re experiencing issues, I know it doesn’t help but please be patient. [via: thenextweb]

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