Samsung Galaxy S III Officially Announced

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Samsung Galaxy S III Officially Announced

Samsung Galaxy S III Officially Announced

Samsung has finally announced the new Galaxy S III at the Unpacked event today in London. This galaxy line is Apple’s biggest competitor in the smartphone industry.

The device sports a 4.8-inch 720P Super AMOLED HD display, 1.4GHz Exynos 4 Quad processor, 8-megapixel camera, 1GB of RAM, 4G LTE technology, face recognition photo app that enables you to send pictures to your friends appearing in your pictures, as well as  lots of Apple-like features:

  • S-Voice which is obviously (Apple’s Siri)
  • Scan and Match for Music (Apple’s iTunes Match)
  • AllShare Cast (Airplay) for streaming your content to your HDTV through the AllShare Cast Dongle (AppleTV).
  • Music player accessory/companion product (iPod nano) called ‘S-Pebble’ as opposed to iOS kickstater watch by the same name.

Not to mention, Flipboard for Android is making its way into Samsung Galaxy S III for the first time on the platform.

Samsung Hires Flashmob to ‘WAKE UP’ Apple Users

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Samsung Hires Flashmob to ‘WAKE UP’ Apple Users

Samsung Hires Flashmob to ‘WAKE UP’ Apple Users

It wasn’t enough for Samsung when they started their anti-iPhone and “get samsunged” campaign months ago, today Samsung sent a paid flashmob to Apple’s retail store in Sydney, Australia to try to “Wake Up” iPhone users.

Its Samsung’s most ridiculous move yet, they sent hordes of chanters people dressed in black to protest outside of an Apple retail store. with a clear message written: Wake Up!

It’s believed that this is Samsung’s Galaxy S III marketing, which was put together by Australian creative agency Tongue.

The ‘Wake up.’ campaign has also seen the words written on the bottom of Bondi Ice Bergs pool, as well as on a series of billboards placed around town. There was also a website at that allegedly counts down to the May 3 launch for the Galaxy S III which is Apple’s iPhone primary rival.

[via mactrast]

Samsung Takes Another Jab at Apple With New Super Bowl Advert

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Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung again hit with a new Super Bowl ad featuring the 5.3-inch Galaxy Note which is a tablet and a phone.

Samsung‘s ‘The Next Big Thing’ moniker started around 3 months ago bashing Apple people waiting in lines to get the new iPhone. Watch the ad for yourself below and tell us what you think? To me, I don’t think having a stylus is something awesome?!!

Android, BlackBerry and Nokia Log Everything You Do

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Android logo

Security researchers have discovered that iPhone running iOS 4 were storing a cache of data on which GPS locations that handset had visited in an unencrypted file, it was dubbed LocationGate and later the whole debacle was just a bug but Apple has to testify in front of the Senate about the matter

Following the incident, one user sent an email to Apple asking for answers. If he didn’t get them soon, he said, he’d switch to Droid; they don’t track him. An email from Steve Jobs, which dropped something of a bombshell: he said Apple doesn’t track anyone’s location, but that Android tracked everyone.

Now time has proven Steve Jobs right. Android phones do track you. In fact, software that comes pre-installed on millions of Android, BlackBerry and Nokia phones log everything you do with your device, and sends them off secretly to its own servers. Trevor Eckhart, the developer who discovered the software, released a video of his findings, watch it below.

Carrier IQ will log and save each key dialed. When receiving a text message, Carrier IQ will process and log the text message, before the user even sees it. Web searches are stored by the service as well, logged in plain text. No encryption. That’s incredible. One privately held company that almost no one has ever heard of has the complete logs of every email, phone call, web search and text message ever sent or received by millions of Android, Blackberry and Nokia users.

In a phone interview to, a marketing manager for Carrier IQ defended what the product does:

We’re not looking at texts. We’re counting things. How many texts did you send and how many failed. That’s the level of metrics that are being gathered.

[via CultOfMac]

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