Samsung Galaxy Nexus Screen Held Back by Cheaper PenTile OLED

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus sports a 720p HD display, its 4.65-inch screen is said to be held back by cheaper technology that gives it a lower pixel density and poorer color accuracy than Apple’s Retina Display found on the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4.

According to FlatPanelsHD, the Galaxy Nexus features a display branded “Super AMOLED” by Samsung, which is less than the “Super AMOLED Plus” screen featured on the already-available Galaxy S II smartphone. The removal of “Plus” from the name references that the screen uses a cheaper PenTile OLED, despite the fact that it has more pixels per inch, .

The less expensive panel on the Galaxy Nexus means that individual pixels must share subpixels on the screen, which undercuts the 315 pixel-per-inch density of the Galaxy Nexus display.

“A PenTile OLED panel was recently introduced with the Samsung Galaxy Note, and we were not impressed. In real world PenTile means loss of details and sharpness, as well as a bluish/greenish tint around letters (depending on the background color)”

By calculating the “real” pixel density of the display with the PenTile subpixel sharing, the Galaxy Nexus is said to have a pixel-per-inch number of about 200, which is just slightly higher than the Super AMOLED Plus screen on the Galaxy S II.

“So, the HD Super AMOLED display in the new Galaxy Nexus is not as awesome as it sounds — unfortunately,” author Rasmus Larsen wrote. “And the reason that people do not call it a Retina display should seem much more obvious to you now that you know the underlying technical architecture.”

The pixel density numbers of the Galaxy Nexus are also affected by the fact that the new flagship Android device has a large 4.65-inch screen to fill. For comparison, the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 feature a display more than an inch smaller diagonally, at 3.5 inches.

Samsung/Google states that Galaxy Nexus has a slightly curved screen but the same was said for the Nexus S where it was later revealed that only the front glass was curved

Apple made the term “Retina Display” part of its marketing with the launch of the iPhone 4 in 2010. The name was chosen because Apple says the individual pixels are so small and densely packed that they cannot be seen by the human eye. The iPhone 4 and its follow-up, the newly released iPhone 4S, feature a pixel-per-inch density of 326.

It’s Just Getting Ridiculous, Samsung?!

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Samsung caught again copying Apple

Official Samsung website for Galaxy Player 50 has a slightly modified version of the Apple iOS Maps app, directly taken from a 2008 screenshot of iPhone Maps app. Apparently, Samsung doesn’t know (or care) that although the Apple’s Maps app uses Google maps data, the user interface is designed and copyrighted by Apple since 2007.

No wonder Apple wins injunction in Australia and Germany. Fandroid drones, what excuses do you have now? Still think Samsung using Apple’s App Store and Safari icons is an “accident”?

Samsung using Apple’s App Store and Safari icons in their stores

This isn’t the first time a rival to Apple has used their artwork. Recently we’ve had Samsung using icons from Apple’s App Store in the backdrop of their in-store displays, a move which once again led to much embarrassment for the firm fighting a legal battle claiming they’re copying Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

Note: Samsung took the page down. [Discovered by @raruler]

iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Tab: Which smartphone is the best listener?

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The BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones wanted to find out which smartphone was the best listener, so he conducted a quick test of his own.

He spoke the same text into a Siri-equipped iPhone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy Tab, and compared the transcribed results.

The original text:

It’s a challenge that has occupied scientists for decades and promised huge fortunes to anyone who could solve it. I’m talking about speech recognition, back in the news because it is one of the most significant features of Apple’s latest phone. Will it remain an amusing party-trick – or become the key way in which we communicate with computers?

Siri transcribed it as:

It’s a challenge that has occupied scientists the decade and promised huge fortunes to anyone who could solve it stop I’m talking about speech recognition back in the news because it is one of the most significant features of Apples latest phone STOCK will it remain unamusing party trick or become McKee way in which we communicate with COMPUTERS?

And the Galaxy Tab came back with:

If I started the decade and poets 14th avenue and hope It stops on Interstate recognItIon back In the news because It’s 1 of the most signIant pIctures of apples latest phone got the wIll remaIn In the musIc of the trIck or become a keyway computers.

Have your own verdict? [via cultofmac]

Google and Samsung Delay Nexus Prime Launch Due to Steve Jobs Mourning

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Google and Samsung announce that the Galaxy Nexus, a.k.a the Nexus Prime, will not launch at the Mobile Unpacked conference October 12 next Wednesday, as expected and teased.

Google and Samsung “just felt it was the wrong time to hold a launch event, as the world continues mourning Jobs”:

The decision to postpone things was made late last night at the top levels of both companies, sources said, with Jobs’ death being the reason. There are no delays with the product itself, sources insisted.

Samsung and Google later updated their original press statement, which now reads:

We believe this is not the right time to announce a new product as the world expresses tribute to Steve Jobs’s passing.

They are likely to make an announcement on the launch late next week.  The new Google phone is built by Samsung and is rumored to have a 4.65-inch, 720P display with dual core 1.5GHz Samsung processor, NFC, 1GB of RAM and runs over Android Ice Cream Sandwich. It will likely be one of the stronger competitors for iPhone 4S.

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