What to Expect in Apple’s iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Media Event

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Rumors Round-up

What to Expect in Apple's iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C Media Event

Ahead of the iPhone media event today at 10AM PST [Click here for your timezone​], the rumor mill is in high gear and below is a round-up of all expected products, features, and speculations:

Apple is expected to announce two new phones at the event, iPhone 5S and the new iPhone 5C. Both models being available in new color variations. The App store is currently shut down and is expected to return after the event is over, with new pages featuring the newly announced hardware.

An improved processor, A7 Chip

Based off of the latest Apple naming trend, the new iPhone would almost retain the same exact iPhone 5 casing, therefore the name, iPhone 5S. we’re expecting the iPhone 5S to include an upgraded processor, A7 chip, which sees a 31% improvements over its predecessor. Not to mention that each previous processor iteration saw 50% more powerful than its predecessor.

Dual-LED Flash

Leaked iPhone 5S back-plates suggest that the new phone will incorporate a dual-LED flash that will allow for much improved lighting quality for photos and video taken in low-light environments.

iPhone 5S to Sport a Sapphire Home Button As a Fingerprint Scanner

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A fingerprint scanner made of Sapphire in the next iPhone

AuthenTec Fingerprints Sensor Technology

A fingerprint scanner is highly rumored for quite some time by now, and expected to be the next tentpole in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S. Previous code found in iOS 7 Beta suggests that Apple is indeed planning to include some sort of biometric input in their next flagship iPhone.

PlayStation 4 8GB Memory = 4.5GB Direct + 1GB Flexible + 2.5GB System OS

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PlayStation 4 8GB Memory = 4.5GB Direct + 1GB Flexible + 2.5GB System OS

PlayStation 4 8GB Memory = 4.5GB Direct + 1GB Flexible + 2.5GB System OS

In the wake of recent rumors, and outrage, regarding PlayStation 4′s Direct and Flexible memory, Sony has issued an official statement about the console’s RAM debacle:

We would like to clear up a misunderstanding regarding our “direct” and “flexible” memory systems. The article states that “flexible” memory is borrowed from the OS, and must be returned when requested – that’s not actually the case.

The actual true distinction is that:

  • “Direct Memory” is memory allocated under the traditional video game model, so the game controls all aspects of its allocation
  • “Flexible Memory” is memory managed by the PS4 OS on the game’s behalf, and allows games to use some very nice FreeBSD virtual memory functionality. However this memory is 100 per cent the game’s memory, and is never used by the OS, and as it is the game’s memory it should be easy for every developer to use it.

We have no comment to make on the amount of memory reserved by the system or what it is used for.

By not commenting on the amount of RAM reserved by the system or available to developers, Sony might implicitly confirm the previous figures.

Eurogamer, originally reporting on the PS4′s memory, now thinks that there is 4.5GB of Direct RAM available to developers, along with OS-controlled 1GB of memory, therefore the amount of memory the games will have 100% access would be 5.5GB leaving 2.5GB reserved for the OS.

We understand that this is a 1GB virtual address space, split into two areas – 512MB of on-chip RAM is used (the physical area) and another 512MB is “paged”, perhaps like a Windows swap file. But to be clear, of the 8GB of GDDR5 on PS4, our contention is that 5GB of it is available to developers.

The good news is that the amount is static and not dictated by OS functions as we stated in our original post, making it a lot easier for developers to work with.

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