Google Announces ‘Cosmic Panda’, New YouTube Design Experience

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Google’s designers have been busy yet generous with subsequent visual updates to Google Search, Gmail, Google+ and other Google products and services. YouTube is no exception and has got its new redesign as well, codenamed Cosmic Panda, and you can try it right away.

As announced by Google official blog the new design comes to fulfill what exactly the viewers are looking for:

With nearly 8 years of video uploaded and 3 billion views logged every day on YouTube, it’s clear you like to watch and share YouTube videos. While you’re watching your favorite or new videos, we at the ‘Tube are obsessing night and day over how those videos are presented. Our team is constantly experimenting, tweaking and playing with new ways to make your experience exactly what you’re looking for.

Once you’re in the experiment, much of YouTube will look different, including videos, playlists and channels.

Try it out yourself by visiting this link

Michael Bay Uses Recycled Action Sequence in Transformers 3 From ‘The Island’

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Say what you will about Michael Bay, but he is a filmmaker who knows how to maximize the bang for the buck. He is often criticized for using too much product placement, which gives him millions of dollars more to play with than he would have otherwise had access to. so you can’t really blame the guy for re-using footage from one in another, more particularly the guys has used some footage from 2005 “The Island” and reuse it in Transformers 3 Dark of the moon.

Filmmakers often use stock footage to save money from traveling to capture an exterior of a city, house or location. Its a very common occurrence which you likely never notice. Bay has used stock footage in most of films, sometimes borrowing shots from his earlier movies . Watch the clip below which shows that Bay recycled shots from an action sequence from The Island in Transformers: Dark of the Moon:

And by the way, it’s not the first time Bay has done this. In Transformers, a shot of an aircraft carrier that was borrowed from Pearl Harbor.

[via /Film]

Steve Jobs Was Using iCloud in 1997

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Here is an interesting description of the iCloud as Apple‘s Steve Jobs describes his personal computing environment at the time— back in 1997. Watch WWDC ’97 keynote below: fast forward to 00:14:00 if you wish.

“I have computers at Apple, at NeXT, at Pixar and at home. I walk up to any of them and log in as myself, it goes over the network and finds my home directory on the server and… I’ve got my stuff wherever I am…”

“…we were able to take all of our personal data, our home directories we call them, off of our local machines and put them on a server, and the software made that completely transparent…”

“…so in the last seven years, do you know how many times I have lost any personal data? Zero. Do you know how many times I have backed up my computer? Zero.”

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