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Toshiba Shows off 4-inch 367dpi 720p Resolution Retina Display Panel

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Toshiba has indeed made a lot of hype over revealing last week their new four-inch LCD display that incorporates 367 pixels-per-inch density, runs at 1280 x 720 pixel resolution natively. Today, Engadget had a chance to spend some time with Toshiba’s new entry at SID 2011, and here what they had to say about the new display panels:

We got the lowdown on Toshiba’s latest four-inch LCD a couple of days ago, and today at SID 2011 we got up close and personal with the pixel-packed display. It’s one thing to read about a 367ppi screen that shows native 720p video, and it’s quite another to experience it in person. We can report that it is, in fact, as awesome as it sounds — onscreen images were clear, crisp, and chromatically brilliant. Pixel density enthusiasts will also be happy to hear that Toshiba confirmed the display will make it to market this year. Of course, the rep wouldn’t tell us which phone will take the iPhone 4’s crown as the ppi champ, though we imagine it’ll be something powered by little green bots.

They have recorded a small footage that you can watch below:

Killzone 3 The Opening Cinematic

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As we are waiting for the launch of the highly anticipated Game Killzone 3 which is set to release on February 22 in the US and three days later in the UK and following the Gameplay Collections we posted earlier we have got our hands on the Game Opening Cinematic and we would like to share it. Beware If you don’t mind spoilers enjoy the 720p HD video otherwise please avoid.


Killzone 3 The Opening Cinematic

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