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Apple iPhone 4, App Store, iOS Games Awarded Guinness World Records

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Guinness World Records’ gaming editor, Gaz Deaves has released a list of newly awarded records. As the LA Times reports:

The iPhone 4 was named the fastest-selling portable gaming system by Guinness after selling an estimated 1.5 million handsets on the first day it was released on June 24, 2010.

Guinness also said Apple’s App Store is the most popular application marketplace:

“With over 6.5 billion downloads since its launch in July 2008, the Apple App Store is the most popular downloadable app service in the world,” the world-record-tracking organization said.

About 259,470 apps were available for purchase or free download as of September 2010, while about 50,000 other apps that were once available in the App Store have been discontinued, Guinness said.

The App Store is also the largest downloadable video game store, with about 37,362 games available for download as of last September, Guinness said.

The App Store was also given a world record for the largest launch lineup of any gaming system with more than 145 games available on July 10, 2008.

Angry birds and other games have their own shares too:

Angry Birds was recognized at the top paid-for App Store game in most countries, having sold more than 6.5 million downloads of the iOS version of the game since it was first released in December 2009.

The Tap Tap Revenge game series, from game developer Tapulous, was cited as the most popular game series in App Store history, “having been downloaded more than 15 million times since the first game in the series was released in July 2008,” Guinness said. “Market research firm ComScore reports that the games have been installed by 32% of all iPhone/iPad users.”

Sony’s Crackle for iOS App is Now Live in the App Store

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Sony has just released their official Crackle app for iOS devices, the app provides access to tons of movies and television shows that can be streamed to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad via 3G cellular connection and WiFi networks.

It’s a US-only service, with a limited selection of content available to users from Canada, Australia and UK. Available movies and television shows include a selection from Sony Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Classics studios.

Download from here here

Windows App Store Screenshots leaked: Looks Suspiciously Like Apple’s

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Images of the new Windows App Store have emerged, showing similar functionality to not only Apple’s App Store, but also the Ubuntu Download Center. Regardless, it is bringing Windows 8, for which these screenshots are taken from, into the next-generation application game. From what we see here, it suggests one will be able to download a vast number of applications, ranging from games to office applications. With applications available like Opera and Angry Birds, it’s clear that Microsoft are following suit with other content providers by opening up to third-party applications.

Since Apple released the Mac App Store, Microsoft has been fighting to get the application store ready for users in time. However, considering Apple’s move to sue Amazon for the use of the name “App Store”, Microsoft could also be in hot water if it continues to use the name. Apple maintains it should have control over the “App Store” name, though Microsoft is contending the challenge.

Though it does look suspiciously similar to the Mac App Store and the Ubuntu Download Center, I don’t think much can be taken from it. Personally, I think it looks strangely similar to Windows Media Player.

Regardless, these rumours we keep hearing about seem to be ringing true week by week as these leaks slip out. What else is Microsoft hiding up their increasingly long sleeves?

[via: zdnet]

OSX Lion Preview 2, Xcode 4.1 Developer Preview 2 Available Now

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You need to install an update from Software Update first.  Then Restart.  Then go to the Dev Center and get a redeem code.  Then go to the Mac App Store, redeem and download.  The download is 3.7GB. Apple also released Xcode to 4.1 Developer Preview 2: [Both OSX Lion Preview 2, Xcode 4.1 Developer Preview 2 Are available for download here] Here is our first image of the redesigned iCal:

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