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Apple Seeds iOS 7 Beta 5 To Developers

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iOS 7 Beta 5 Settings

Apple has seeded iOS 7 beta 5 to developers. It is available over-the-air via Software Update. The beta brings several minor design and performance tweaks to the operating system.

Apple has also seeded Apple TV update and a new Xcode 5 preview.

Some changes in iOS 7 Beta 5:

  • All Settings icons redesigned
  • New slide to power off design
  • New Twitter icon in share sheet and others
You can download iOS 7 Beta 3 from the links below and later update to Beta 5 over-the-air

Sherlock Season 3 First Teaser Trailer

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Sherlock Season 3 First Teaser Trailer

Sherlock Season 3 First Teaser Trailer

The BBC has released the first teaser trailer for Sherlock Season 3! I’m eagerly waiting for the resolution of how Sherlock faked his death, many theories were put trying to explain what happened, however, what would be the reaction of Watson and others when they find out that Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) is still alive?!


Episode One
Titled The Empty Hearse (a pun on Conan Doyle’s The Adventure of the Empty House) was written by co-creator and Mycroft Holmes actor, Mark Gatiss.
Episode Two
The Sign of Three (a twist on Conan Doyle’s The Sign of Four) was written by Stephen Thompson.
Episode Three
His Last Vow (a play on Conan Doyle’s His Last Bow) was written by co-creator Steven Moffat.

The villain in season 3 would be Charles Augustus Magnusson. will be played by Danish actor Lars Mikkelsen, who is the brother of Mads Mikkelsen, playing Hannibal in NBC series Hannibal.

The villain in Sherlock season 3 Charles Augustus Magnusson

The villain in Sherlock season 3 Charles Augustus Magnusson

Magnusson is thought to be based on Charles Augustus Milverton, the king of blackmailers, who appeared in a 1904 short story published in The Return Of Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock Holmes can tell a software designer by his tie and an airline pilot by his thumb. He has a unique analytical brain and, unlike anyone else in the world, he staves off boredom by solving crimes. When a chance encounter brings soldier John Watson into Sherlock’s life, it’s apparent the two men couldn’t be more different, but Sherlock’s intellect coupled with John’s pragmatism soon forge an unbreakable alliance.

In season three, Sherlock returns but will things ever be the same again?

Enjoy the trailer below:

The new series of Sherlock is expected to debut later this year.

Watch Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag Parkour in Real Life

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Watch Assassin's Creed IV Parkour in Real Life

Watch Assassin’s Creed IV Parkour in Real Life

Not only Ubisoft managed to bring a giant pirate ship with them to San Diego Comic-Con, SDCC, this year, but also someone, Chris Romwell, was up and ready to perform some crazy parkour while dressed up as Edward Kenway, hero of Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag.

Watch the wonderful video below:

A behind-the-scenes video is below:

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag comes out October 29. It will be on current and next gen systems!

PlayStation 4 8GB Memory = 4.5GB Direct + 1GB Flexible + 2.5GB System OS

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PlayStation 4 8GB Memory = 4.5GB Direct + 1GB Flexible + 2.5GB System OS

PlayStation 4 8GB Memory = 4.5GB Direct + 1GB Flexible + 2.5GB System OS

In the wake of recent rumors, and outrage, regarding PlayStation 4′s Direct and Flexible memory, Sony has issued an official statement about the console’s RAM debacle:

We would like to clear up a misunderstanding regarding our “direct” and “flexible” memory systems. The article states that “flexible” memory is borrowed from the OS, and must be returned when requested – that’s not actually the case.

The actual true distinction is that:

  • “Direct Memory” is memory allocated under the traditional video game model, so the game controls all aspects of its allocation
  • “Flexible Memory” is memory managed by the PS4 OS on the game’s behalf, and allows games to use some very nice FreeBSD virtual memory functionality. However this memory is 100 per cent the game’s memory, and is never used by the OS, and as it is the game’s memory it should be easy for every developer to use it.

We have no comment to make on the amount of memory reserved by the system or what it is used for.

By not commenting on the amount of RAM reserved by the system or available to developers, Sony might implicitly confirm the previous figures.

Eurogamer, originally reporting on the PS4′s memory, now thinks that there is 4.5GB of Direct RAM available to developers, along with OS-controlled 1GB of memory, therefore the amount of memory the games will have 100% access would be 5.5GB leaving 2.5GB reserved for the OS.

We understand that this is a 1GB virtual address space, split into two areas – 512MB of on-chip RAM is used (the physical area) and another 512MB is “paged”, perhaps like a Windows swap file. But to be clear, of the 8GB of GDDR5 on PS4, our contention is that 5GB of it is available to developers.

The good news is that the amount is static and not dictated by OS functions as we stated in our original post, making it a lot easier for developers to work with.

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