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New Theme Brings Windows Phone 7 Live Tiles To iOS

Written by Gradly on . Posted in Apple, blog, Microsoft, Rants & Raves

If there is one thing that Windows Phone 7 has going for itself, it’s probably its Live Tiles home screen. Just like iOS updates the calendar’s icon once a day to show the right date, Microsoft made its entire homescreen display real-time information. It allows you for example to check when’s your next appointment, your Twitter feed or email without having to launch any app. It sounds great on paper, but they’re not quite there yet. Still, it’s a neat idea.

Wyndwarrior, a jailbreak theme creator certainly thought so too and took up to recreate the interface for jailbroken iOS devices. From the live tiles, all the way to displaying applications, he managed to reproduce pretty much the entire experience. Of course, even jailbroken, iOS has certain limitations, so don’t expect too much from it. Still, the result is impressive. Check it out:

[via: appadvice]

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