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Resident Evil 6 Leaked Captivate Trailer

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Resident Evil 6 Leaked Captivate Trailer

Resident Evil 6 Leaked Captivate Trailer

We just learned that the release date for the highly anticipated Resident Evil 6 has been moved backward by over 2 months. Originally scheduled for release November 20, 2012 on Xbox 360 and PS3 (later on PC), RE6 is set to be released on October 2 nearly two months ahead of the previous date.

In a leak from Capcom’s Captivate event, a new Resident Evil 6 trailer confirms the new October 2 release date and spoils some new tidbits. Watch the trailer below:

The trailer provides some new details on the Javo, the main villain in the game. Sherry Birkin will also make her return in Resident Evil 6, and is joined by Albert Weskers’ son (Wesker Junior). Are you exciting for the game? share your thoughts in the comments

God of War 4 Teaser Trailer Probably Leaked?

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Kratos' brother, Deimos

Kratos' brother, Deimos

The teaser you are about to see was spotted by the guys at PlayStationGang, and it’s actually grainy and the sound is somewhat distorted. The quality of the voice acting and the God of War IV logo displayed at the end is a little suspicious so we’d take this with a grain of salt.

However, the teaser opens with a voice can then be heard trying to awaken someone. Watch it below:

“Brother, the phoenix has-been drinking your blood, full of your anger, your strength, and during her rebirth she also has let you in life. Now I ask you: what are you going to do? Would you leave me here in hell?  wake up, wake up!” says the voice.

The voice suggests the speaker is Deimos, the ill-fated brother of Kratos. Deimos was taken by Ares as a child after hearing a prophecy about the destruction of Olympus at the hands of a ‘Marked Warrior’, believing him to be the child of prophecy the gods confined him to the Domain of Death.

Evidence of God of War 4 being in development is rumored a lot as it appeared in number of CVs, composers profiles, and listed by some retailers.

[via CVG]

A Purported iPhone 5 Gets Leaked

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From the massive leaks back when the iPhone 4 was leaked totally before it debuted, we learned a lot, actually its becoming more easy to get our hands on whats Apple is preparing for us in the future. iPhone 5 as iPhone 4 before is being tested by different people and it might be hidden with iPhone 4 like case shell. We are over a month before launch, and Apple has acknowledged that they real world test this way in the past, think, Gray Powell, however. Last evening, a tipster sent the guys at 9to5mac a picture (above) of what he thinks is the iPhone 5.

The tipster has an iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 and what he saw was like nothing he’s ever seen. He said it would fit perfectly into the case below.

This iPhone appears thinner than the current iPhone 4 but also wider. The edges are rounded metal like the edges of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 but could still function as an antenna. The back is a curved/tapered glass or plastic.

Tapered design and wider edge to edge screen were rumored a lot as well as a bigger home screen that could be capacitive and gestures-driven touch.

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