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The Original Metal Gear: Rising Was Cancelled

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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Kojima Productions has been clearing up some rumors and misconceptions regarding Metal Gear Rising Revengeance following the game’s unveiling yesterday.

The original Rising was announced as a game where you can chop up anything. The development staff quickly created just that. However, they felt that this alone would be insufficient and they no longer knew what the core of the game should be

Believing the project would not get completed, Kojima secretly cancelled it. At this point the Kojima team had already fleshed out many areas of the game such as story and motion capture work, and eventually Bayonetta and Vanquish developer Platinum expressed its passion for the project and offered its services in reinventing and completing Rising.

The title was changed because the game is different from the Metal Gear Solid series. It’s a new Metal Gear.

“We’ve only said that the period setting is several years after MGS4. Metal Gear Rising is not part of the Metal Gear Solid series. At present, we can’t say more than this,” Kojima posted on Twitter.

Kojima has also confirmed Rising will run at 60 frames per second, a requirement he personally requested..

“I made one request of Platinum: a cool Raiden who moves nice and smooth at 60 frames per second.”

When restarting the project, they were originally going to use the original story. After Platinum received the data from Kojima Productions, they said they wanted to remake the story.

[via andriasang]

iOS 5 Untethered Jailbreak is Imminent

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French hacker pod2g released a video showing off the Untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 5 and 5.0.1. , which appears to be almost complete and ready for prime time.

The highly sought after Untethered jailbreak does not require that the device be connected to a computer each time it needs to be booted. The hacker tweeted:

🙂 iOS 5.0 untethered jailbreak demo :
And whether the new jailbreak will work on iOS 5.0.1, he tweeted

Tons of questions from my nice followers. Too early to answer. Will work on iOS 5.0.1, will try iPad 2 and 4S after others are ready.

First indication of a possible untethered iOS jailbreak came in pod2g’s tweet last month:

Hey jailbreaking friends, I’ve found a bug that can untether iOS 5. Don’t expect a release soon, but I’m gonna work hard in it.

Twitter Gets an Overhaul with New Faster, Simpler, Cleaner Interface [Updated]

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Twitter New UI

Do you find Twitter so darn complicated to use? Well, Its time to change your mind, because the guys behind the service has just done a redesign of its web portal and mobile apps. You can update iPhone app right away.

Today we introduce a new version of Twitter. We’ve simplified the design to make it easier than ever to follow what you care about, connect with others and discover something new. You’ll see this new design both on and mobile phones, so that you’ll have a familiar experience any time, anywhere. We’ve also updated TweetDeck to be consistent with this new version.

Four new tabs bring you instantly closer to everything you care about, “Home“, “Connect“, “Discover” and “Me“.

We’ll be rolling out the redesigned Twitter over the next few weeks. You can see it immediately on the just-updated versions of, Twitter for iPhone, and Twitter for Android. You can get early access on your computer by downloading and logging into Twitter for iPhone or Twitter for Android. We’re working on updates for other apps, such as Twitter for iPad, and will share news as they become available.

How To Get The New Twitter Web Interface Right Now

Simply, install the Twitter for iPhone or Android app, sign-in and ta da! You will automatically get the new Twitter web-interface.

Visit to learn more about the changes.

Flipboard for iPhone is Now Available on the App Store

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Flipboard for iPhone

With the popularity of Flipboard on iPad, the need for a variant version on iPhone was highly needed. Today the company behind the app is launching the iPhone version. It looks similar to the iPad one but more suited for the iPhone smaller display.

With Flipboard for iPhone we’re introducing Cover Stories. Think of Cover Stories as the feed to check when you’re in line at the coffee shop, commuting on the train or just hanging out at home. It contains a constantly updated selection of interesting articles and photos being shared with you right now.

Cover Stories come from all your Flipboard tiles, including social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As you add more sources to your Flipboard, their posts will begin to appear in your Cover Stories.

Get the app free on the App store

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