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Google ‘Street View’ is Available via ‘Maps’ on iPad iOS 4.3 [UPDATED]

Written by Gradly on . Posted in Apple, blog, google, News, Rants & Raves

I was Checking the Maps Video Tour and just noted that Google Street View is now available on iOS Devices, Ive not tried iOS 4.3 but apparently its not an iPad only however.

Apple has posted 14 Guided Tour movies for the company’s iPad 2, which ships on Friday, March 11th. The Guided Tours are divided into app-specific uses, rather than focusing on the new hardware, and include FaceTime, Mail, Safari, iBooks, Videos, Photos, Find My iPad, iPod, iTunes, App Store, Maps, AirPlay, and the company’s newest iPad apps, GarageBand and iMovie.


This feature is already there but .. worth noting however

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