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Apple to Acquire Israeli Flash Memory Chip Maker Anobit

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Anobit Logo

People have been wondering what should Apple do with its enormous pile of cash. If TechCrunch is to be believed, a new report suggests that Apple is about to spend between $400 and $500 million to acquire Anobit, an Israeli-based flash memory chip maker.

If this is a true, it would be the 5th Hardware company acquired since the first Steve Jobs founded NeXT, Raycer Graphics, Intrinsity and P.A. Semi.

Anobit provides flash storage solutions for enterprise and mobile markets, based on its proprietary MSP (which stands for ‘Memory Signal Processing’) technology. Its solutions are designed to improve the speed, endurance and performance of flash storage systems while driving down the cost.

According to Calcalist report, Apple relies on the company’s solutions for the iPhone, iPad and MacBook Air product lines, among other devices. South Korean Hynix is said to use Anobit’s solution for a flash memory chip you can find inside the iPhone 4S.

Apple is likely interested in the 200-people company to add them to its base of engineering talents.

Titanic Recreated Using CryEngine 3

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Titanic Recreated Using CryEngine 3

The folks over at ORM Entertainment are working on recreating the entire Titanic ship using the CryEngine 3 created by Crytek and used in the latest game Crysis 2. You could walkthrough the ship as a map, entering various rooms with great textures and highly detailed elements. This is amazing.

The project is still a work in progress with updates coming regularly. Watch the video below as it speaks by itself:

Microsoft’s Tellme vs Apple’s Siri Video Comparison

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Microsoft's Tellme vs Apple's Siri

Microsoft’s chief strategy and research officer Craig Mundie talked to Forbes about the company’s kinect and when asked about Siri, he said that Siri was nothing special, and Microsoft’s own voice capabilities have been around for over a year. Siri is all about good marketing nothing else:

People are infatuated with Apple announcing it. It’s good marketing, but at least as the technological capability you could argue that Microsoft has had a similar capability in Windows Phones for more than a year, since Windows Phone 7 was introduced.

This is what Microsoft execs usually say when challenged with a tech by their competitors:

you can pick ‘em up and say ‘text Eric’ and say what you wanna say and it transcribes it. You can query anything through Bing by just saying the words. I mean, all that’s already there. Fully functional, been there for a year.

This is not the first time, we all know when Steve Ballmer slammed the original iPhone back in 2007 and touted it as being overpriced and not appealing to business for the lack of a keyboard.

Jason from techau ran a test and put a video comparison between Microsoftt’s Tellme and Apple’s Siri. Watch the video below. The results speak for themselves:

Samsung is Working on Flexible Screens for Smartphones and Tablets

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Galaxy Skin

During a call to discuss Samsung’s most recent financial results, the company’s spokesman, Robert Yi, said that Samsung was working on a flexible display for its upcoming smartphones and tablets. Samsung hopes to introduce flexible displays to its smartphone lineup in as early as 2012

“The flexible display, we are looking to introduce sometime in 2012, hopefully the earlier part,” said spokesman Robert Yi during an earnings call. “The application probably will start from the handset side.”

Yi said tablets and other mobile devices with flexible displays would follow.”

Samsung has already shown flexible screen technology in the past, with the OLED display held inside rigid cases that kept them curved. The new Samsung Galaxy Skin will feature an AMOLED display that will allow the phone to bend around a cylinder with a 1-inch diameter. Brighter than the normal screen, the AMOLED display is also low-energy and almost unbreakable, according to the reports.

Using a plastic polyimide substrate instead of glass, Samsung has produced displays that are “rollable and bendable” and which can even “survive blows from a hammer”. The phone was developed by Prof Haeseong Jee and Jye Yeon You.

The key material of this new technology is ‘graphene’, touted as “the miracle material”. Research by scientists from Columbia University has established that ‘graphene’ is the strongest material in the world, “some 200 times stronger than structural steel”.

The Galaxy Skin will offer a high-resolution 800×480 flexible AMOLED screen, eight megapixel camera and 1Gb of RAM as well as a 1.2GHz processor. Samsung has not yet disclosed the device’s operating system, but there have been rumors about Jelly Bean – Google’s next Android release after Ice Cream Sandwich – or a new release called Android Flexy.

The new core technology also allows the phone to be used as a mouse, a clock or a wrist-watch. Samsung has not confirmed the exact date of release.

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